Rules Guide — (Download the PDF). Your rules are the core of your game. While the rules may seem obvious to you, this handy guide helps you write and organize them for everyone else.

Glossary of Game and Printing Terms —(Download the one PDF). A handy primer on printing terms and game industry terms you'll want to know (or refresh your memory) before getting started.

Quote Request Form — (Download the PDF). Now that you have your rules down and have an understanding of game and printing terms, it's time to get a quote. Our quote request form is designed to help you think through all of the components and details so that we can give you the most accurate price possible.

Getting Started

We’ve included some helpful tools and information below that you can download and review during your game design and creation.

Non-Disclosure Agreement/NDA — (Download the PDF). Delano Games will always keep your design/idea(s) in strictest confidence. We do understand that some customers prefer to have an agreement in writing and therefore we’ve provided a very simple/straightforward document to suit this purpose.

Quote Request Form — (Download the PDF). This is a great place to start and we can help you tremendously during this time.

Preparing Your Files(Download the PDF). This guide will answer most of your questions about how to prep your art (files) for printing at Delano Games.

Materials & Safety Information

Delano Games produces safe games. Your game is compliant with the United States safety laws (Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)) including the Consumer Products Safety Information Act (CPSIA) passed in 2008.

When you print your game with Delano Games, the papers, plastics, shrink-wrap, and all other components are certified and tested. Test results are available upon request.

Since your game is made in the United States on U.S. or Canadian paper and (in most cases) using U.S. manufactured plastic parts, you can rest assured that you'll have a safe, legally saleable game.

We have a tradition of making safe products and have met or exceeded safety laws throughout our long history. (Note: Some customer supplied or 3rd party products may not be certifiable for various reasons. Please check with us if you have any questions.) Contact Us

Going Green?

Delano Games is happy to help you produce an ecologically friendly product.

  • All our chipboard is made from 100% recycled material, so your game board and box are already green!
  • We offer FSC Certified paper and print production.
  • Recycled paper available on request (please note it does add costs).
  • All scrap paper created during manufacturing is recycled.
  • All scrap plastic created during manufacturing is recycled.
  • We use vegetable based inks
  • We use Aqueous (water-based) coating (although other coatings are available and can be discussed).
  • We reuse dies when/where we can to cut down on materials/waste.
  • The wood and rule from the dies are recycled at life end.
  • Offer wood fiber pawns.
  • Molded plastic trays are 100% recyclable plastic.
  • Try to source materials close by in the Midwest to save cost and reduce fossil fuel consumption.
  • We comply with all U.S. and Michigan environmental and safety standards.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

No warehouse? No problem! Need fulfillment services? No problem!

Delano Games offers a complete warehousing and fulfillment program, including shipping solutions.


  • Our spacious warehouses are very close to our manufacturing plant, so your games are ready to ship immediately upon completion. Your games are palletized on hardwood shipping pallets and each pallet is shrink-wrapped for complete protection.

  • Our main plant and warehouse are located in Michigan, centrally located for shipping anywhere in the United States. Our storage rates reflect our location, too. No high priced storage like on the East and West coasts!


  • We work with a variety of shipping companies to get you the best rates possible for shipping your games. Whether you need a single game shipped or a whole truckload, we can do it! We are familiar with the shipping needs of Amazon and large retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc. Of course, we also work with game industry distributors too.


Looking to fund your game? Crowdfunding has grown dramatically over the years and Kickstarter is the most popular site gamers utilize. Other popular sites are Indiegogo, Gamefound, and Backerkit.

Download our Kickstarter Tips here.

We’ve worked with many, many game creators during this process. All you need to do iscontact us and we can help guide you in the right direction. It can be an overwhelming process and we can make it easy for you while answering questions and guiding you along the way.

​We can help you with pricing before, during and after your KS campaign and we will:

  • Consult with you on stretch goals or cost reduction options

  • Print / store your games after your KS campaign

  • Handle all your KS fulfillment (and kit fulfillment) needs for the commitments promised to ALL of your backers that helped you successfully fund your games

  • Handle all your kit fulfillment, assembly, and distribution


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Battle Creek, MI 49037

Ph: 800.233.5266 | Fx: 269.968.0340