From promotional packs to party games, we are well suited to produce your cards. Whether you need round corner, square corner and/or cutting and collating card games — we are are the perfect partner to produce your cards. It is our responsibility to provide you with supportive information to keep your costs down while ensuring you love your finished product!

We frequently produce: 

Expansion Decks & Promo Packs

Expansion Decks: Typically the first and last cards are staged into a clear, fin-sealed pack for a low-cost graphic art solution. Another option is to print directly on to the packaging film.

Promo Packs: Whether you’re attending a trade show, convention, promotional program, or event, it’s aways a good to be prepared with a variety of promotional items (also known as tchotchkes) to give away to attendees. Not only is it a physical represented on of your brand, it’s also a great way to make an impression. Items might include loose single cards or even a hand of cards in a fin-sealed package that can be incorporated into an existing game. It’s great way to stir us buzz about an upcoming game or to reward existing customers with something special at destination locations.


Tuck Boxes

We offer a variety of card tuck box options, take for example: Die cut tuck box, Specialty wraps (foil for instance), Tuck-top and tuck-bottom, Glue bottom, and Hang tab tuck boxes - all produced in-house to provide the quality and timely service you deserve.

Custom Rigid Boxes

Two-Piece setup, Telescopic, and Card; these box types are a common request. Most board games are contained in a setup box meaning a box that has a lid and a base (box-top/box-bottom). Many card games require a two-piece setup box versus a tuckbox because of the sheer number of cards contained in the game. Other options are telescopicboxes, neck boxes, and specialty-type boxes. Whatever your needs, we can assist you with what would work best!


Board Games

We have the necessary equipment to produce your game. For first time game inventors or start-up companies, we can assist you with identifying the best materials for each game component to keep your costs down. Whatever your needs, we’re here to guide you! For established game companies, we can work with your specifications to produce a high quality, consistent product, at our recommended quantities of 2000 units or higher.

Game Boards

There are many options we produce such as: No fold, single-fold, quad-fold, six panel, Levant backed or printed on two sides, Kiss cut game boards with spinner arrow, and Spinner boards (individual smaller boards with a spinner arrow).


Die-Cut Sheets

Many games include die cut tiles or punch outs in place of chips or tiddlywinks. Die cutting is a process that cuts paper, chip board and other materials into custom shapes. A clean design is inexpensive, but a complex design can drive up your costs. A complex design can take up more press sheet (surface area) and generate a lot of waste. We can work closely with you so that this type of component will be manufactured cost effectively for maximum efficiency.

Score Pads

Traditionally used among any competitive, deductive or role playing game. Printing options range from blank to four color process, although they are commonly kept to one or two colors to keep costs down. You choose the side of adhesive to be applied.

Mon_IMG_6057 w bkg

Play Money

Generally printed with black ink on uncoated colored paper stock in many sizes. Higher end options let CMYK printing or Pantone inks put on a show. Quantity, size and denominations are determined by you. Typically, play money denominations are separated by a piece of chip board and shrink wrapped for the game assembly process. We can definitely discuss other options with you too.

Special Finishes

Make your game shine! We offer foil Stamping, linen stock, linen look UV coating, unifraction, embossing, debossing, laminating, and interior printing.

Gold Foil_UV_DullVarn

Platforms & Inserts

Inserts are designed to allow the end user to put the parts and pieces of a game in place for safe keeping during storage. Many game designers like to include a platform(tray) or insert in a game and these can be manufactured either using corrugated E-flute stock or plastic injection molding. Some games only require a simple 24pt. heartbeat divider, center well, end well(s), etc. This is a cost effective option.

E-flute is much like what a standard shipping carton is made of, only in this case it is die cut to resemble a tray to compartmentalize the pieces of a game for storage. This is widely requested and is a low cost option.

Plastic injection molded inserts are typically used in more complex games with lots of components. Keep in mind, this type of insert will increase the cost of your game because molds need to be made.

Rules & Instruction Manuals

Rules are designed and executed in a variety of different ways. Some of the most popular options include: single sheet, multi-page booklet, including saddle stitched (staple-bound on the binding) booklets. Rules are also frequently produced in a secondary format to assist in game play. Examples include sheet or printed playing card(s), to name a few.



Puzzles range in piece quantity from 24 to 1,000 plus, which do come in a variety of standard layout sizes. We would be happy to use a die you already own or we can assist you in determining the specific die lines you’ll need when creating your puzzle.

Educational Products

  • Flash cards
  • Board games/card games
  • Saddle stitched books
  • Certificates and Recognition Awards
  • Bulletin Boards and Charts
  • Posters

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