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Brochures are a great way to spread your message!

A brochure is a nice promotional document designed to introduce you (your company) and your game. You can use them to inform consumers, buyers, publishers, distributors and manufacturers. Brochure Options include

  • Simple leaflet
  • Pamphlet
  • Folder
  • One-page
  • Numerous pages
  • Variety of sizes
  • Half-folds
  • Tri-folds


Some clients opt to include catalogs inside their games boxes (variety of styles). Others have a need for larger catalogs. We can produce any type of catalog you’re seeking.

Catalog_IMG_6222_with bkg_


Market your games with their own Display/POP. Many retailers love to have these. It may even get you some additional counter space at check out that entices consumers to make that “impulse buy”. We’ve produced these for many small to large game inventors and or companies.

Sell Sheets

The Sell Sheet is the perfect game launch piece!

Sell Sheets ought to be highly considered and used to promote and attract attention to your new game. Use them when your game is completed and ready to present to buyers, consumers, publishers, distributors and manufacturers.

  • Keep in mind you’ll want the piece to "pop”
  • If you’re promoting one game (ideal), feature it on one side and on the back side list the full specifications and/or components
  • Include a brief description of your game, include the SKU and item number
  • Use full color and use a slightly heavier paper stock than a brochure
  • Make it professional and double check your spelling

Book Case Sleeves

Sleeves are a great way to display, package, and sell your product. They offer great visibility and are stable enough to display your product.

There are many available options for printing and manufacturing, which can be discussed during your design and quote phase.


Posters work well hung up in or around your booth space. Retailers will hang posters too. We can produce these too in various sizes, black and white, or color.

Layout 1
Basic RGB

Large Floor Tiles

Some games warrant play time right on the trade show floor or displayed in retailer’s locations. Consumers enjoy the hands-on experience, while having the opportunity to learn more about your game.


These can be any size you’d like - from tabletop size to life size standing in or by your booth. They often promote a specific character. Show attendees or consumers in a store can have some fun too by getting photos with their face in the shot. These are sturdy corrugate board and can be reused for your marketing needs.

DeLano_Dog new logo_cropped
Delano Bag

Merchandising Materials

We can provide you with virtually anything you need for giveaways at shows including pens, water bottles, coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc. Or maybe you have a special mailing during the holidays and want to give your followers something special. Perhaps you’d like to include a specialty item in your Backer Fulfillment Kit thanking those who funded your game during a Kickstarter campaign. Our sister company TMP has all the items we need to make this happen. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and then handle everything moving forward.

Delano Games' parent company, EPI Marketing Services/Printers, is a commercial printer and Delano Games has access to all the commercial equipment on site. This makes it a very simple, and seamless, activity for game inventors. No need to find another source and worry about keeping track of yet another thing. Leave this to us. This game play is a winning move for both of us. We’re truly your one-stop source partner.


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